Potty Training Tips for LA Moms

Potty Training Tips for LA Moms


The time is nigh. The sacred moment is upon you. Today you start the most rewarding journey of motherhood thus far, conquering the art of potty training. Maybe you’ve tried a few times unsuccessfully to potty train your kiddo with no success, no big deal, you will get there. We’ve done some research to provide you with the best tried and true potty training tips for LA moms: potty training is within reach!


Tip #1: Be patient 

Potty training can take a while. While some success stories you hear about only take about a week for their kid to nail using the big girl/boy toilet, most kids learn in about 6months. It takes a lot for your little guy/girl to master this skill that comes as second nature for us. Learning to use the toilet takes a lot of awareness over your body, recognizing signs that you need to go, and gauging the amount of time it will take to make it to the bathroom in time—that’s a lot for a little one!


Tip #2: Make it fun!

Kids love to have fun. Kids also love candy. Use this vital knowledge to your advantage. There is no shame in bribery when it comes to potty training. Heck, there’s really no shame in using anything to get your kid potty trained. One father bought matching underwear and t-shirts for him and his son. He then put down plastic on the couches and proceeded to have a weekend of lounging and using the bathroom every hour. By Monday, the kiddo was potty trained and the dad still remembers the weekend to this day. Another car obsessed toddler got a toy car each time he used the potty, 20 cars later he was going on his own! See what your child loves, and use it to your advantage! They will love it too. Positive reinforcement and gentle reminders go a long way when it comes to potty training tips for LA moms. 


Tip #3: Make it Accessible!

Some kids are scared or intimated to use the adult potty. Training toilets are super helpful in cases like these. It may be helpful to put your child’s training potty in the room where they spend the most time in (playroom, living room, kitchen, etc.) so they have quicker and easier access. If their toilet is in sight, it will be easier for them to remember to go. If your kid doesn’t mind using the full size toilet, find a kids sized toilet cover so you don’t have to help them balance each time they sit down. Some kids like to have privacy to go too, and this will allow that. If you are out in public with your big-kid-toilet-fearing-baby then start carrying around post it notes in your bag. If you put a post it over the automatic flush sensor, it won’t flush automatically and scare your kid. After they are done, simply take off the post it and the automatic toilet will start working like normal again. 


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