Best Family Car in Los Angeles for Moms


Best Family Car in Los Angeles for Moms


When you think of family car, you think of long rides, lots of snacks, road-trip car games, and a big comfortable car. Most of the time it’s mom who is carting around the kids day in and out to various different sports lessons and playdates. As much as the car is for the whole families, it’s also mom’s personal office and sanctuary (when the kids are away).

The best family car for moms definitely needs the latest and greatest in technology to keep you communicating and also keep your kids entertained. We found from moms who test drove cars last year that the easiest ride is the one with the most tech. Entertainment centers for the kids as well as speedy blue connection allows you to hear texts as they come, eliminating the need to glance at your phone. The best mom cars also have plenty of space for when your on car-pool duty. 


We found that the best family car in Los Angeles for Moms have these features:

  • Roominess
  • Comfort
  • Safety Features
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Latest Technology


It’s no surprise that Volvo is making some of the most intelligent cars in the world. We are constantly researching and evolving to create the latest and greatest technology when it comes to safety. The XC40, a mom car favorite, is comprised of family-friendly safety features like:

  •  Automatic emergency braking
  •  Pedestrian detection (up to 40mph)
  •  Automatic steering when control is lost


Our new XC40 crossover has all of that and more!

One of our favorite parts about this ride is the removable trash bin in the center armrest! Talk about a serious win for family cars. No need to worry about trash in the way back from the kids! We also love the hatch-floor hooks that hold fast to grocery bags. No more broken eggs or loose cans rolling around on the way home.


When the back seats are folded flat, the XC40 boasts 47 feet of cargo room. Car camping here we come! You will never have to pitch a tent again with this ride. Also, in the case of the adult passengers,  it’s rear-seat knee room that we really want to emphasize. With more than three feet of leg room, this makes even the tallest of rear-sitters feel like they’re riding in style. This cross-over also has you covered for any winter driving with its all wheel drive abilities. It’s 250 horse powered engine also gives you the get-up that you need to merge onto the LA freeways safely. When it comes to the best family car in Los Angeles for Moms, this is the true winner. 


This combined with Volvo’s Vision 2020, Aiming for Zero.

“Vision 2020 is about reducing the number of people that die or are seriously injured in road traffic accidents to zero. Protecting and caring for people is at the heart of Volvo Cars’ philosophy and this is our commitment to saving lives.”


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