Why Santa Monica Moms Love Volvos

Why Santa Monica Moms Love Volvos

Volvo has been around for almost a century, but is making a name for itself as one of the most reliable and best-looking cars on the market. They incorporate a little bit of everything, from luxury, safety, and reasonable prices, and more. Here are all the reasons Volvo cars are especially appealing to moms of Santa Monica.



One of the most consistent reviews Volvo has gotten from mothers is that they’re a great family car. The SUV and Crossover models are particularly versatile for families, depending on the need. They’re comfortable and efficient for everyday tasks like getting the kids to school or practice safely. They’re also the perfect carriage for special adventures; easy to pack up for a beach day or weekend camping trip. a Volvo is reliable for any occasion.


Aesthetic Appeal

Santa Monica may not be Beverly Hills, but it does have a certain air of class and style to the whole city. Everywhere you turn, there is a new trendy brunch spot or bar, along with well-dressed people snapping pictures and enjoying themselves. In simple terms, Santa Monica is a cool place to live. For our trendy Santa Monica moms that want to have an equally cool car, Volvo allows that without making them compromise safety or money. In the past few years, Volvo has redesigned its models to look more luxurious, modern, and elegant. So luxurious, in fact, that no one will be able to tell from the outside that you have a car full of kids and snacks and other miscellaneous items.



Volvo is incorporating more and more technology into their vehicles, to keep your ride as efficient as possible. However, the new technology isn’t limited to your music and navigation controls (even though many of the new models feature a screen that compares closely to an iPad). Another technological feature of Volvo is the seat controls that can change the temperature of each seat, the angle, and give you a massage while in the driver or passengers’ seat. They can also display your speed in the front window rather than making you look down at the speedometer, allowing you to never take your eyes off the road.



Volvo’s Vision 2020 is admirable from all angles, but moms that spend most of their time in the car transporting their little ones might find it more important than anyone. Vision 2020 is Volvo's commitment to saving lives from road traffic accidents. As the CEO of Volvo cars, Håkan Samuelsson, explains, “our vision is that no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car by 2020.” Volvo is also responsible for creating breakthrough safety technology, such as the three-point seatbelt, so they mean business when it comes to your safety. One mom confirmed Volvo’s commitment to safety by describing the sensation of security she felt in a 2018 Volvo as, “like having a security blanket on”. When you have little ones on board, we know there is no better way to feel.

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