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Did you know it is forecasted that used car sales is going up this year while there is a decline in new-car sales? According to a report from Cox Automotive, the demand for used cars is only on the rise. Why is this happening? Some argue that is a result of the recession that caused consumers to look into the more cost-efficient second hand market. There is also the possibility that more people are interested in used/vintage cars as opposed to the new cars with all of the cutting edge technology. Trends are always changing, and it is hard to predict how consumer’s aesthetics change throughout the years. Sometimes, people get nostalgic and long for the vintage/classic styling more than the current styles. If you are still wondering why on Earth would someone buy a used car, here are 3 reasons why you should consider getting a used car for your next vehicle.



3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Used Car


1. Used Cars are Cheap


Used cars are more likely cheaper than a new car. Once a new cars drives off the dealership lot, its value depreciates by A LOT. However, a car is built to last, and if you can find a used car that has low mileage on it, that means you are basically buying a functioning-like-new car without having to deal with all of the maintenance issue that comes from a used car with high mileage. If you are not about buying from a private seller, you can always look into “certified pre-owned” vehicles sold at dealerships. Here at Volvo Santa Monica, we have used cars that are certified by our mechanics to ensure its quality and safety. 


2. Used Cars are Stylish


Driving a used old car is like a statement on the street. People will look at your car and start reminiscing the good old times. A used car can bring back emotions, feelings, and also fashion trends. Do you want to be the same as everyone else and get the same current car models? Or do you want to be a fashion statement, a living and moving machine that just screams your style. A car should be the driver’s extension, so it should share the same style and aspirations as you. 


3. Used Cars have Value

Yes, they are cheap but that doesn’t mean they don’t have value. It is said that once a car drives off the dealership lot the value depreciates, but if you look at buying a used car as an investment - then the value is limitless. Think about it, the car company will not likely bring back the exact style (unless it was a super successful model) and that makes that style rare and desirable. There are people that buy cheap old cars and fix them up and sell it for even more, that is a proof that trends are always trending and just because you got a used car for cheap, doesn’t mean other people wouldn’t pay a good amount for the same car. 


In conclusion, you should get a used car for your next vehicle! Not only you save a lot of money, you would also own a piece of history (literally) and your vehicle has the potential to grow in value! If these are not good enough reasons for you to even consider getting a used car, you should take a trip down to Volvo Santa Monica to check out our selection of used Volvos! Take one out and test drive for yourself, and you will find that the used car drives basically like a new, it is just the label that is messing with you. 

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