Keep the Quality of Your Wipers in Mind

Rain is not a huge problem for your vehicle. Your car is designed to be able to do all of its normal functions in the rain. Windshield wipers work to let the driver of the vehicle see while it's raining. But when it starts to snow, your windshield wipers may not have enough power to handle it.

If you have noticed that your windshield wipers aren't pushing away snow very easily, grab a set of winter windshield wiper blades. Winter blades are a lot better at pushing away snow, and they even prevent the buildup of ice with an encased rubber shell. If you want to keep your visibility at a good and safe level, you should invest in a pair of winter windshield wiper blades.

We have a large selection of winter wiper blades over here at Volvo Cars of Santa Monica, and our staff would love to help you find a set that fits your car.



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