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Your Volvo Maintenance Schedule

When you buy a new Volvo model, you're likely not thinking about service as soon as you leave the dealership. However, keeping up with your Volvo Maintenance Schedule is not only important for the health of your Volvo long-term, but it is critical to maintaining the integrity of your warranty as well. Luckily, Volvo Cars of Santa Monica can help you keep track of your Volvo scheduled maintenance so that you can always stay up to date.

Volvo Service 1

At 10,000 miles, you'll bring your Volvo into our Volvo service center near Venice, CA for it's first service. At this point we'll complete an oil and filter change to help protect your engine, and we'll inspect the suspension and chassis for any early warning signs of trouble. We'll also offer a car wash and multi-point inspection to give you peace of mind before you head back out to Pacific Palisades.

Volvo Service 2

At 20,000 miles you'll be scheduled to visit our service center once again, and we'll start with the oil and filter change before we dive deeper. This second service includes a wear and tear inspection, a change of the cabin air filter, and we'll check for any relevant software updates required for your Volvo infotainment or engine management system.

Volvo Service 3

Keeping up with the 10,000-mile intervals, your third service will involve everything from Service 1 as well as software update.

Volvo Service 4

We're 40,000 miles in now, and at this point you're likely committed to your Volvo long term. At this service interval we'll do the requisite oil and filter change, change the engine air filter, brake fluid, and cabin air filter before checking for any new software updates and performing a multi-point inspection.

Keep up with your Volvo Service Beyond 40,000 miles

Following the 10,000-mile service intervals established thus far, you can keep up with your Volvo maintenance to ensure you can live a long and happy life together. With proper maintenance there is no reason your Volvo can't live for hundreds of thousands of miles, and our Volvo Service Center near Pacific Palisades is here to help you along the way.